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Thompson PC Repair {services|solutions|support services} is in the Omaha and Council Bluffs {area|local area} {with|along with|using} the {best|greatest} {computer|computer system|pc|personal computer} {repair|repair service} {and|as well as|and also} networking {services|solutions|professional services} {around|in existence|available}. No {job|project|undertaking|assignment} is {too|way too} {large|big}! 20% off your {first|very first|initial|1st} {repair|repair service} {for|for our} {new|brand-new} {customers|clients}. {Then|After that} if you {refer|recommend} {someone|somebody|another person|someone else} to {us|our company}, you {will|will certainly|will nost certainly|are going to} get {another|an additional} 20% off your {next|following|subsequent} {repair|repair work}.

We {perform|carry out|complete} {all|almost all|each of the} {types of|kinds of|forms of} {computer|computer system|personal computer|computer or laptop} upgrades and {repairs|repair work}:

{Add|Add in|Put in} or {repair|replace} memory – we {work with|deal with} all {types of|kinds of|sorts of|forms of} computer {systems|brands}, and we {will|will certainly} {run|perform|use} diagnostics to {confirm|verify|establish} that it is a memory {issue|problem}. We {will|will certainly|will definitely} then {replace|switch out|change out} your memory with {high-quality|top quality|high-grade|high quality} memory chips, and you {will|will definitely} {have|get} your laptop {back|returned} {quickly|rapidly|promptly|immediately}.

{Repair|Restore|Replace} {motherboards|circuit boards} – We can {repair|restore|recondition|refurbish|replace} all {types of|kinds of|varieties of} motherboards {including|consisting of} Intel, AMD, and MSI. We {will|will certainly|will for sure} {give|provide|offer|present} {you|our clients} {a quick|a fast|a swift|a speedy} {turnaround|turn-around|recovery} on your {motherboard|circuit board} {replacement|replacement unit}.

{Repair|Servicing|Fix} Laptop {screens|displays|monitors} – We can {repair|service|recondition} all laptop {screens|displays} {for|within} {a very|a really} {reasonable|affordable|fair} {cost|price|charge}. We {will|will certainly} {order|get} your {screen|display} and {have|have likely} replaced it {usually|typically|normally} the {same|exact same} {day|working day} {that|which} we {receive|get|are given} {it|the laptop}.

{Call|Contact|Get in touch with} us {today|right now|right away} at 402-290-7729


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