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How to Add a Coupon

Welcome to Millard coupons. The best coupons for the best companies in the Millard and Omaha areas!

Miller Coupons is very easy to use. Just simply fill out the form with your coupon, include any graphics, and submit it. Your coupon can be up to 2,000 words. Coupon websites are very search engine friendly. Everyone is looking for a coupon deal, right?

We offered two types of coupons on Millard Coupons. We offer our local coupons for things like restaurants for example. We also offer statewide coupons that are able to target by ZIP code, neighborhood, or town. So, say that you wanted to run a coupon only for Lincoln, Nebraska. We can run a coupon to target that area or across the entire state of Nebraska. Targeting zip codes and neighborhoods across the state is something unique for a coupon website and typically is only done by large coupon outlets. To run a coupon on Millard coupons is $63 per year for a local coupon (for your local business) or $200 per year for a statewide coupon. You don’t have to keep the coupon on for entire year though you can remove it after a couple of months of your promotion if you choose, you’re still a member for the entire year so you can add a new coupon at any time. We will update the coupons for you at any time.

The cost of updating the coupon is $44 / change, so you can update the coupon as many times as you want to per year. When you submit a coupon to Millard coupons the system will have the coupon within about 2 hours. Payment is performed to PayPal. You can pay us directly to Pay Pal or over the phone also.

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